字裡行間的味道 - Phy 飛翔著的 Lotus - 哪才是它的停歇 哪才是它的心的跳動來源 哪...
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Dragonfighter by PhyLotus

Fly, into the sky
飛呀 飛往天際
Fight, under the lihgt
戰啊 於火光之下
Hide, which night
躲吧 就在那一日
My pure soul, who can find
我遺失的純淨靈魂 還有誰能追尋  

Mighty him, shocks the world
偉大的牠 震撼了世界
Bright sword, reflects the twilight
耀眼的刀劍 映射著晨暮熙光
Ice ground, burning land
冰寒的世界 燃燒著大地
The people shout, I cry inside
人們哭喊 我內心哀泣

The crusade against firelord
幾時的我們 喚醒了火焰之王
We wake him up how long ago
When we draw the sword to fight our own
那一日 彼此刀劍的時刻後
The destiny has came, we cry
Tears in the torn earth, who can be fine
滴落的淚水 撕裂了大地 還有誰能安然

Who can make it right but not on my own
誰能拯救這一切 單薄力量的我追擊
Vermilion ruins I follow, the company I find
炙紅的斷垣殘壁 踏著夥伴的足跡
We are not alone, sighs in the hearts
心裡嘆息著 我們終於不再孤獨

Toghter we fight, almighty one's losing his ground
齊心而戰 強大的主宰啊 漸入敗亡
Final sword stabs into his heart, relieving heart shloud it be
最終之劍已入神心 本該舒慰的心靈
But why dropping tears into the hot blood, we're trembling  inside
為何震顫心痛 為何淚水滴落了刺燙的熱血
Wanna cry out loud, only slience is filling the air
為何空氣中卻是一片寂靜 為何我們的哀豪已然無聲

We hide, where are our souls
我們隱匿 我們的靈魂何在
We decide not to find, down to depthless are our lost hearts
我們已不再找尋 失落深處的心靈
We are no human anymore, dragonfighter is our only name
我們已是非人 鬥龍者已是吾名
We go, We fight, We kill, We cry...
我們追尋 我們力戰 我們殺戮 我們哭泣