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Tears by PhyLotus (美語小小說)

 Lisa slightly looks up from her dripping tears when
her hands hold the broken heart.
Heaved chest, just like the words don't know how to
come out from her deepest soul.
She lowers her head after giving me a sorrow look, and
it makes me harder and harder to get her around from
that thing has hidden in her depthless heart a long long
time ago the day when light lit up her whole world.
That's my destiny, she always says with her tremble face.
The look it won't be wiped out from my thought from my
The tears is streaming down her ruby cheeks, the wind is
blowing her hair out of place, the words I have to say is
choking with tears.
"Lisa, can you escape from any way?" I know
the question is stupid, but it gives me final hope,
perhaps...perhaps her destiny will disappear somehow.
That's the way I convince myself that my future will go
on and on with her present.
"I wish I could, but my calling is there I won't and have
no power to resist it." The air is shivering with her words.
From the very beginning the day she was born. The calling her
destiny has come with her. She tried to run away from it
again and again, but always there is a invisible power pulls
Her back.
Yes, apocalypse will come if she didn't turn back. We people
all know that and all the time want her must to stand by our
own, even we all know the huge pain she suffers.
We are the one makes her cry makes her has to embrace the
things she doesn't want.
I tried many times to persuade her to run away with me, but
I always get the same answer the simple but deep one.
"No." is the only one she gave me. I hate myself to do that,
every time I asked, the tears appeared in her eyes, vague
focus tells me she was hurt again and again.
But I have to...have to, I am the only way to get her out of
that miserable fate, I am I am... I am... ....